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High Team

About High Emotion Weddings - High Quality International Wedding Planning Vienna Austria

After my Bachelor degrees in International Economics and Communication & Public Relations and my Master’s degree in Advertising, I had to pursue my passion for events and beauty and successfully graduated the Wedding Planner course – probably the best decision ever J Currently also a proud member of the Union of Professional Austrian Wedding Planners (VaöHP), I am your close partner for high quality wedding planning and event design services in Vienna and surroundings.

Focused on Destination Weddings in Vienna, I love supporting international couples from all over the world who decide to tie the knot in this wonderful city of music – from handling documents and translations for the civil ceremony, arranging transportation, accommodation, finding the perfect wedding venue that matches the personalities of the bride and groom, to planning itineraries, catering and decoration into the smallest detail.

Why High Emotion Weddings? Well, it is a day of High Emotions, it is THE DAY that you want to remember for the rest of your lives as one of the happiest. On the other hand, things may also get highly emotional on that day or some months before, because something does not work as planned or because some detail just got lost in the jungle of aspects that one has to consider for a wedding – believe me, I know what it is like to fold napkins at 10 p.m on the night before your own wedding.

The Best Customized Concepts and Solutions that fit Your Particular Style and Personalities

This is why, my dear brides and grooms, I will gladly stand by your side with valuable advice and take over a great deal of work, so that you enjoy a perfect, stress-free celebration of your love. Also, remember: make this day all about YOU – it is YOUR wedding and no one else’s – you don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to at your own wedding! Therefore, I am going to tell you how “it is supposed to be or what the tradition says”, as long as you want me to, but I will walk you through all the necessary steps in order to find the best customized concepts and solutions that fit your particular style and personalities.

I am glad to answer your requests in English, German or Romanian, and I can give it a try in Italian and Spanish (even if my skills in these 2 languages may be a little bit rusty) and my partner can also cover Russian. I will for sure reveal more about me in my blog posts, so stay close!

Yours truly,
Irene Gutan