Why getting married in April might be the best idea ever | The Beauty Chaser

If you’re considering getting married in April, I can name at least one advantage: you can have dreamy photos like these. Even if you prefer having your wedding during the warmer season, you should think about booking a spontaneous spring shooting with your photographer. This way, you also get to know them better and be more relaxed for the real deal on your big day. This year, magnolia trees were in full bloom in April.

Elly and Johnny’s styled shoot took me to a magical world from the very beginning.


Did you know that magnolias are the symbol for beautiful girls in China? Besides, they also stand for feminine and pure beauty. I must confess my weakness: magnolias move me to tears. When they start blooming, my heart blossoms too. That is when a new year officially begins for me. It is my time for new beginnings and new plans. Earlier this year, I used white magnolias in a big inspirational project (see a teaser here), but enough about me for now. Let me show you these highly emotional photos by Kaya and Clark a.k.a. Soo Schön – Fine Art Wedding Agency.



Kaya & Clark about the shooting:

The first buds burst, flowers start coming out, and the trees... The trees with their magnificent blooms take us – just like every spring – to a dreamland. After a spring walk with our little daughter in this beautiful park in the 19th district of Vienna, we decided to have a „quick“ shooting. The on-set atmosphere was very harmonious and we had lots of fun. People passing by were so touched by the couple and congratulated them.




Partners in crime


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all involved partners for making this shooting happen so spontaneously. We hadn’t thought that we would manage to get everyone on board in 5 working days. Of course, it was a bit stressful organizing everything on such short notice, but it was so worth it.

Production: Soo Schön – Fine Art Wedding Agency 
Art Direction: Ali Maghsood, 361 Grad & Soo Schön – Fine Art Wedding Agency 
Photography: Clark H. Alexander from Soo Schön – Fine Art Wedding Agency 
Styling: Ali Maghsood, 361 Grad
Bridal Bouquet: Blumen Malecek 
Bridal Dress: Papilio from Verinas Costume De Mariage 
Make-up & Hair: Kaya Koinig from Soo Schön – Fine Art Wedding Agency 
Suit: Zara 
Wedding Rings: Juwelier Janecka 
Models: Elena & Johannes from SP-Models 

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